The Crushing Wheels of Samsara

by Inherit



New 7 inch available now on The Essence Records and Control Records


released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Inherit Greater London, UK

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Track Name: Pressure Rising
Life and creation
Seeing through their eyes
Constant degradation
Falling into the same traps
10 years from now you will wonder how
You missed all your chances
To liberate
And to create
Your own nation

Dropped into a situation
Time and circumstances beyond your control
Lonely and separated
Subtle form of oppression taking its toll
Anger wrapped around your throat
Peace is nowhere to be found
Got used to the feeling of being defeated
Pressure rising surely pushing me out

Life and creation
More than we can possibly see
Finding motivation to disengage
10 years from now I won't wonder how
I missed all my chances
Let's liberate
To create
Our own nation

Pressure rising carving a new path
Nation arising we have the courage to care
Track Name: Long Forgotten Self
This is a rude awaking of my long forgotten self
The hunger for knowledge is too great to be ignored
All I’ve got is this key and it’s up to me to open up my eyes
Dimensions I cannot see, dimensions not easy to feel
Am I ready yet?
Will I leave it all behind? Truths I need to decline
Gotta start with a clean slate.
I need to disconnect, be able to reject what stops me from being free.
The fog on freedom is clearing more and more than before
Just to observe it isn’t anywhere near enough
The only time is now, it’s just a question of how to encourage myself
The knowledge I’ll possess, I need to progress without looking back
This is a rude awaking of my long forgotten needs
This is me rejecting the mode of ignorance
No longer being burnt by the blazing fire of greed
I’ve got this key to initiate the change
Reaching the source of eternity
Exploring the truth of the absolute
Track Name: Wheel of Samsara

What brought you here
Your vision is so unclear
Trapped between instincts, lies and needs

Taking steps towards death
Misreading the signs of the times
No control over your impulse to destroy

Again and again
Dragged into a grave on the chains of time
Again and again
This coffin is your gate to an uncertain place

I need to break this cycle
Tomorrow won't wait
To take my breath away

You were brought here
Now you disappear
Grinded by the merciless hands of time

Under tears of regrets
Escaping from the past
Mountains of hopes turn to dust

Again and again
Dragged into a grave on the chains of time
Again and again
this coffin is your gate to an uncertain place

And then you have to come back
To start all over again

Wakeful call is all I hear
Without haste of fear
With all the peace in heart
Track Name: Potential Within

Young mind can't see
That every energy has two forms
Neglected soul struggling alone
To recognise potential within

Young mind rebels
But can't place the true source
No relief in shifting blame
Cursing everyone and sky above

Horizons of hate
Brought us nothing but pain
And we're drowning in our fears

So who's the chorus of disapproval?
Accept the potential that everyone has